Rauris local tourist information

Grossglockner Pass

Alpentherme in Bad Gastein

Bus tour from Rauris to Kaprun hydro-electric plant

Rauris gorge walk

Kitzlochklamm is spectacular gorge walk that is accessible from either Taxenbach, or from the road from Rauris to Taxenbach at the junction of the Embach road. It takes approximately 1 hour and well worth seeing.

Ice Caves @ Werfen
This cave is the world's largest ice cave and one of the most beautiful natural sights in the region. A mix of walking and a lift transfer enables you to reach the entrance of the cave which is part of the Tennen mountain range. A guided tour through the cave including important information and incredible views will make this trip un-forgetable for you.

Rafting and Canyoning @ Taxenbach
After completing an extensive safety talk, equiped with wetsuit, splash jacket, helmet and life jacket, part-taking in either rafting or canyoning is an experience to remember.
Tel. No.: +43 (0) 6644025149


Paragliding and tandem flights
Tel. No.: +43 6649 768835

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